Guiding Unit GC, GH


Series GH and GC AIRON guiding units are translation systems that can be used for ISO 6431 and ISO 6432 standard cylinders with diameter from 12 to 100 mm. They are available in C and H geometry and for this latter it is possible to choose between the slide bearing version made with self-lubricating bearings (1) and the ball bearing version (2) for a better smoothness. It is easy to place them in every automatic machine or equipment because there are many possibilities to fix them on the body and the plate surfaces. Careful machining executed at machine tools, ensure the most moderate tolerance of parallelism, perpendicularity and flatness of the reference surfaces. Of particular interest are the holes for centring (3) placed on all the mounting surfaces and the innovative top mounting (4) in order to avoid bulky and expensive interface plates. In GH units there are millings (5) which contain position detectors of magnetic cylinders. Upon request special brackets (6) are available for shifting the respective detector without removing the cylinder from the guiding unit.