"Everything starts with an idea, that evolves into a project which solidifies with quality service", This has been the motto of TANDEM PNÖMATİK HİDROLİK SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. since the beginning. TANDEM supplies and sells products in areas such as Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Thermo Steam, Linear Movement Technologies and automation while providing service in System Designs and Tech Support which backs up the customer with specialized and experienced staff.

  • To meet every need and demand of the Customer exceeding the expectations on quality, speed and price.
  • To become a well-structured consulting firm in our field.
  • To constantly educate our staff and customers on new technological developments.
  • To support our country through the quest of becoming one of the most important industrial forces of the world, by equalizing the opportunities to reach the new and modern technology in order to make life easier and become a part of the new world.
  • To provide communication networks to be used within the companies, which can be customized in order to facilitate the companies on their work environment.
  • To give our customers of various sizes, quality service, strong technical infrastructure, experienced and continuous Tech Support with the possibilities provided by a corporate company.
  • To be the most selected brand in our field with these criteria.


Everything starts with an idea, so our biggest investment is to the creator of ideas; human. The challenging environment of Hydraulic Pneumatic sector obligates companies like us to constantly improve and evolve in to the future.Our professional staff specializing in this area, greets the demand and expectations of our customers objectively and try create customer satisfaction with dynamic, innovative and improving point of view. Continuity in quality, affordable prices, mutual trust and integrity are the indispensable main principles of our vision.

Our goal is to become an international company committed to the principles mentioned above, with a flawless record starting from the introduction and proposition stages until the billing of the product or the service.