Pnömatik ve Selenoid Pilot Valfler ISO 5599 EI,PI

"EI" and "PI" series valves are made in compliance with ISO 5599 standard that provides the dimension of the place where to fix the valve. The range is composed of size 1 and 2 with 5/2 and 5/3 type. Customer has different choise to do because are available differents electric pilot for each valve. "AL" is the 90° pilot version and the "LN" the axial pilot position. They both use the "SL..." solenoid. The version "….CN" with "SL-CN..." coil is conform to the CNOMO standards for both base and coil. Anyway is possible to use the "SL..." coil. Obviously, beside single base, manifold are available and exists a connection plate that allows to connect size 1 with size 2.